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About HD

Our Mission

H-D Advanced businesses serve customers who depend on heavy-duty, high-precision equipment in everyday operations and demand high performance in the most extreme operating conditions. Our products work miles below the surface in oil and gas fields, and miles above it in commercial and military aircraft. They raise bridges, move locomotives, lift heavy loads in shipyards, and convey material in mining operations. Our customers count on us to deliver high quality, high performance every time.

We believe there is great honor in serving customers… and doing it quickly! We have the resources of a larger company but move with the agility, speed, and urgency of an entrepreneurial business. Our customers can call upon us any time, day or night, and we move with purpose.

Our History

H-D Advanced is a holding company focused on precision manufacturing and machining for heavy industries. The company currently has five businesses with more than 460 employees across 10 locations. These businesses serve diverse industries including oil and gas, mining, aerospace, defense, power, marine, locomotive, and medical.

Founded in 2012, H-D Advanced has consistently increased its value to our customers by adding products and services that are complementary and in line with our mission. We have core competencies in:

  • Open gearing and gearboxes for a wide range of critical heavy industries including Mining, Frac, Oil & Gas, Marine, Locomotive, and Power Gen. These products are manufactured and serviced by Overton Chicago Gear. The company brings together many historic brands added since 1888, including Overton Gear, Chicago Gear, D.O. James, Illinois Gear, Balfre Gear, Franke Gear, and Ignition Engineering. As well the ability from designing a gear or gearbox, determining materials and heat treat processes to get the customer better performance and life of product are second to none.
  • Radial bearings, bearing components, precision tooling components , for downhole Oil & Gas drilling , Wear coatings for heavy duty applications including Bearings, Mining, Plastics, and Power Gen industries. All products perform in extreme conditions, and are manufactured and serviced by Engineered Solutions Group (ESG). ESG combines the talents of iMech, Intellifuse, Leading Edge Heat Treatment and Numeric Machining to provide their customers with superior products.
  • High-precision machined aerospace and defense components including precision gearing , wheel and brakecomponents, and precision actuation components the world’s leading aerospace and defense companies. These products are machined and manufactured by Precision Aero, Crown Precision, and Sungear which form the H-D Aerospace and Defense division. Together, these companies meet and exceed the requirements for mission-critical gears and specialty components by the aerospace and defense industries.

H-D Advanced continues to seek growth opportunities through new customers , new markets and new products that allow us to partner with our customers adding value to their business and help them to successfully grow their businesses.

Increasing Value through Strategic Growth

Dec 2012 Overton
Chicago Gear
Jul 2013 Leadership Edge
Jul 2013 iMech
JUL 2014 Sun Gear
OCT 2014 Crown Machine
DEC 2014 Intellifuse
MAY 2015 Precision Aero
JUN 2015 Acquired
Firstmark asset
JUL 2016 Numeric
NOV 2016 Integration of Intellifuse, Numeric,
IMech and Leading Edge into
Engineered Solutions Group
NOV 2018 Divested Firstmark asset
JUN 2018 Moved corporate HQ to Houston
JAN 2019 Launch of H-D corporate rebranding